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The main objective of this system is to manage and handle main inventory operations 

Like : 

1- Inserting categories , subcategories and managing first period quantities.

2- Handling purchasing life cycle (creating purchase orders , handling delivered purchases ).

3- Customers and Suppliers Entry form .

4- The Inventory System handle all conditions of receiving purchases quantities , if supplier deliver quantities partially or deliver all quantities.

5- The Inventory System can divide received quantities into batches ordered by expiry date .

6- In case of selling , the inventory system deduct quantities  from the old batches which have old expiry date but not expired.

7- The System gives alerts for expired categories or categories nearing to be expired.

8- User can specify the period before the category will be expired to give alerts.

9- User can track the transactions on specific category in specific period.

10- User can track the financial transactions for specific period.

11- User can adjust reordering point for each category and the system will give alert if quantities hit the reordering point.

12- User can specify where the revenue go (bank / cash on hand).

13- User can transfer money from cash to bank account or bank account to cash.

14- The system offers list of all categories with current quantities in stock.

15- Fast Searching for specific category.

16- User Validation Roles Which Separated to Admin/Cashier/Storekeeper

17- Track and count sales orders for each cashier.


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